Guide for an Expat, Geneva Switzerland

For the skilled expat, Geneva is a time-honoured haven. It is obviously Switzerland’s most global city.  Geneva has plenty of beauty to attract expats; exceptional parks, unforgettable museums and close proximity to the best skiing in the Alps combine to offer relief from the rigidity, meticulousness and punctuality of the Swiss working week. 

Geneva has always been known as an international city for many years.  Would you like to move, work or live in Geneva?  Or just to find out how is it to live in Geneva?  As the     European headquarters of the UN, WHO and a number of key corporations like IBM and Dell, Geneva has an identity far broader than the Swiss provincialism of its rural cantons.  The official language of Geneva is French but you most likely hear English, Russian, Spanish or even Arabic from its multilingual population. 

For the expat, Geneva may be a place that can take some time getting used to, but once settled in, the many seductions are hard to resist.  One key benefit of settling in Geneva is the convenient nearness to other European countries.  This makes Geneva a perfect place to discover the wider charms of the region while building a profession in one of the most spirited and gratifying cities on earth. 

Enjoy your Expat Life in Geneva Lake. The worldwide centre for peacekeeping and international collaboration offers an exciting intercultural involvement for expats, beginning with cultural highpoints, like the epic Jet d’Eau on the Lac Léman waterfront, the folkloristic celebrations on the occasion of Switzerland’s the Schweizer Nationalfeiertag, up to having a taste of old-fashioned rösti.  Be a part of the Geneva Lake Expats Community. The followers have their roots in the United States, Mexico, Sweden, Japan and almost any other country around the world, all sharing your position as an expat in Geneva Lake.  Our members of the Geneva Lake society are flexible, helpful and very welcoming.

Switzerland has always been the richest country in the world and one of Europe’s most high-priced.  Switzerland’s health care system is a cut above the rest. Geneva has been labelled as the 3rd European financial centre next to Zurich and London. It is also the world’s 8th most significant financial centre by the Global Financial Centres Index, ahead of Sydney and Frankfurt. In the 2009 survey by Mercer, Geneva was found to have the 3rd-highest quality of life of any city in the world (closely outranked by Zurich). The city has been known as the "Peace Capital" and the world’s most solid metropolis. In 2009, Geneva was categorized as the 4th most expensive city in the world.

For any expat, Geneva is wonderful place to be. Be it just for a vacation or a lifetime stay, Geneva offers all the reasons anyone is looking for in finding a new place. The city’s international standing, temperate climate, rich customs and traditions are just among the basic factors the city boasts for expats and tourists alike.  

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